Together with the lawyers of Manimama Legal & Growth Agency we won the court of first instance and received a fair decision . Obliging the SBU to pay cash assistance to the husband upon dismissal. A man who served there for 23 years. Thanks to our help and the hard work of our lawyers, the serviceman received a fair resolution of his case in court and the payments that were due to him under the law. This is not only a victory for him personally, but also the pleasure of understanding that Ukraine is a legal state, where the court makes legal decisions and restores justice.


💻Help for children from partners
☝️With the support of our sponsors, Nova Ukraine Foundation received laptops for the "Children" project. We would like to remind you that the project, created at the initiative of the Mariupol City Council, is aimed at supporting Mariupol children who need special care. These are orphans, deprived of parental care, whose parents have died or are in captivity.
⚓️Support from various partners helps to purchase and give them modern gadgets for training and development.
🙏Thank you to the NGO I support Ukraine, which helped to purchase components for laptops.
👨🏻‍💻 14-year-old Emma has already received a useful gift at the YaMariupol support center in Rivne. The gadget was also handed over to her brother Aristarchus. Children are under the care of grandparents.
"This is cool, unexpected! I am very grateful for such a gift! Now I will be able to study better and learn new things. Such support is important for me and my loved ones," the girl says.
✊Together with the partners of "YA Mariupol" we continue to support the children of Mariupol.


We organize the delivery of industrial generators from the Dnipropetrovsk region to Khmelnytskyi, which were provided by European funds to the Mariupol Construction College.


A car was bought for the air defense brigade with the money donated for the birthday of our founder Ganna Voievodina. Another 20,000 hryvnias were given to the boys for various repairs and maintenance of the car. This machine will help our guys shoot down more enemy missiles.


Help was once again provided to our tailed friends at the animal shelter, which cares for rescued four-legged friends from Kherson and other areas of active hostilities


They sent a batch of humanitarian aid to the volunteer headquarters, which will distribute it to the residents of Kramatorsk. We are waiting for reports from the process of issuing aid to Kramtorsk residents


Photo reports from our satisfied mothers with their babies


A little bit about the work process, how it looks like packing and preparing shipments for internally displaced persons children


They bought a briefcase for one child, and shoes for the other. We adore Ukrainian children!!!


Little Sofiyka thanks us very much for our support, she is happy with such a gift, it is like from a real winter fairy tale, her favorite forest animals are now on her new very warm, water-repellent, beautiful children's overalls. Now children's fun and snowball games will be a pleasure, you can play and not be afraid of getting wet or freezing.


We collected help for the next planned shipments to our children from the families of internally displaced persons from hot spots who were forced to leave their homes.

Now we are processing applications, we will purchase some of the necessary items and send them to our children

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