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Ukraine today protects the whole world from the Russian aggression. Does it with stamina, courage and requires support to keep doing it. Support Ukraine! 


We, Hanna Voevodina and Vasyl Ponomaryov, residents of Mariupol and patriots of Ukraine. On the day the war started, we were outside the country. We have parents, children and friends left at home.
Since the first day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, we have organized volunteers in Mariupol who help all residents of the city. We quickly started collecting funds from our business partners, friends, acquaintances, and all people who decided to remain indifferent to their fellow citizens, who found themselves in an extremely difficult situation due to the Russian invasion. For a long time, volunteers bought and delivered food, water, and medicines around the city, set up bomb shelters and housed people in them. We also helped with money the families of the soldiers who were protecting our city.

In March, when communication with Mariupol began to be lost, we organized an evacuation transport in order to save as many lives as possible, as life in the city became impossible. We helped evacuated residents of Mariupol with accommodation in the cities of eastern Ukraine - in Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia.
After the final blockade of Mariupol, we organized an aid movement for the liberation of Ukrainians who were forcibly deported to the territory of the temporarily occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions (the so-called DPR and LPR) and to the Russian Federation. So far, we have been able to help dozens of families reach European countries, in particular Estonia, and return to Ukraine.

Currently, the I support Ukraine team is actively engaged in providing humanitarian aid to people who have found themselves in an extremely difficult life situation due to the war. Our volunteers regularly receive and purchase humanitarian aid in the western regions of Ukraine and abroad and deliver it to the frontline cities in the east of Ukraine, in particular to the city of Kramatorsk. We have not abandoned evacuation projects and help people get to safer places in our country.

In addition to helping civilians, our team supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces. We are trying to get the most necessary things for our military: helmets, protective elements, clothing, thermal imagers, quadcopters - all in order to save the lives of our military and help them repel the Russian onslaught.
We have our own legal company, so our efforts are also focused on concluding purchase contracts, supplying necessary goods for Ukraine from abroad, passing currency control, and making payments in Europe. We provide consultations to the population of PROBONO. We provide legal support for state projects, in particular, the project of the Ministry of Digital Transformation "War Museum".

Today, our I SUPPORT UKRAINE team has more than 20 volunteers who work in all directions. Every day we face new challenges posed by war and respond to them with our actions. During this time, we have managed to help thousands of families and we will continue to do so until victory.

Join our Facebook page, share information about us with your friends and support us financially. We need money to accompany the evacuation and provide Ukrainians with everything necessary in difficult living conditions and to help our defenders in the defense of our country. We are open to cooperation with any Ukrainian, foreign and international organizations, volunteers in order to bring our victory closer and save as many people as possible.

Today, Ukraine defends against evil, without exaggeration, the whole world! And we are making every effort to save as many Ukrainian lives as possible!
Support us! Support Ukraine! Support the world!


Hanna Voevodina


Vasily Ponomarov




Tatiana Ukrainska


Olena Pugacheva


Denis Matchin 


Bogdan Duzhik


Roman Moroz


Nikita Kostin


Maxim Kupchanko


Sergey Telenchi

During the 70 days of our volunteer work, we managed to raise and send 230 thousand US dollars to various volunteer initiatives

These funds were provided to us by both patrons and we also sent income from our own business.
We were provided with tons of humanitarian aid, hundreds of nights in refugee hotels, transportation and tickets to transfer people across Ukraine and Europe. So here are our results in March - April 2022:
● We provided humanitarian aid to residents of blockaded Mariupol in March and provided work for volunteers - $ 50,000● The army was provided with 150 helmets, 600 raincoats-tents, 20 armored vests, 50 military boots, and many other ammunition (first aid kits, signal boosters, tactical goggles, knee pads, camouflage uniforms, backpacks) - $ 55,000● Produced 9,000 cans of stew for residents of eastern Ukraine - 11,000 US dollars● Sent targeted financial assistance was provided to the wives of the soldiers and the families of the victims - $ 7,000● Bought two buses for our volunteers to evacuate Mariupol and provided fuel for the delivery of humanitarian aid in eastern and southern Ukraine - $ 10,000● Evacuated more than 800 people to Europe - people who were deported from Mariupol to russia, covering travel expenses throughout russia to Estonia and Latvia and temporary residence in russia - $ 85,000 ● Paid for hotel services in Estonia and provided accommodation for Mariupol residents in Estonia and Latvia - $ 9,000 ● Covered our administrative costs (creation of sites, marketing and advertising on social networks, legal procedures) - $ 3,000
Received from partners and other charitable foundations for free:● 50 tons of humanitarian aid in the form of medicines, food kits for residents of the South and East of Ukraine;● 100 jobs for Mariupol residents at Dutch enterprises;● three bases for temporary accommodation of forced refugees in the Dnieper, Odessa, Alexandria;● three bases for temporary accommodation of forced refugees in Estonia and Romania.
We do not stop, we are looking for partners, volunteers and funds to bring our help! Ukraine is the best!!! And we are the best and there are so many of us when we are together!


We raised total donation in the amount of 3,450,000 hryvnias or 115,000 US dollars during 35 days of the existence of our volunteer group

3,015,000 hryvnias or 100,500 US dollars have been already allocated to help Mariupol.
1,200,000 hryvnias or 40,000 US dollars were sent for the procurement of food, medicines, and other humanitarian aid through volunteers from Mariupol, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro.
We bought 500 raincoats and delivered 150 helmets from Poland to Ukraine and spent 1,155,000 hryvnias or 38,500 US dollars on defense consumption.
85,000 UAH or 2,800 USD were sent as a targeted financial support to families of the soldires of Azov near Mariupol.
9,000 cans of stewed porridge was produced in Rivne and delivered to feed people who were evacuated from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhya. This order costed 330,000 hryvnias or 11,000 US dollars.
We paid 245,000 hryvnias or 8,200 US dollars for the purchase of two buses for the evacuation of people from Mariupol.




help to citizens in the war zone and migrants 

help to territorial defense 

help to the armed forces of Ukraine 


We raise funds for needs in three areas 

We collect inquiries and keep a list of urgent needs

We organize purchase and delivery 



Any amount is welcome. The team collects photo and video reports on the results of their work, which will be made public

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● We received a huge batch of drugs from our partners in Uzhgorod and we are starting to deliver them to hospitals in the East and South of Ukraine● We delivered medicines necessary for future mothers, food, spare parts and much more● 49 Mariupol residents in the Netherlands have been employed with our help● In Kostiantynivka and Kramatorsk our volunteers brought medicines, food, equipment, etc.● Sent a batch of medicine for our soldiers


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