Our next weekly trip to Kostyantynivka. We handed over food and hygiene items. It's cool when our defenders please us not only with their feats, but also with their smiles 💛💙



We visited our friends from the NGO "Cossack-Desantny Ryy" again. We worked a little as a friendly team, loaded goodies for the wariors and talked with the journalists of "Suspilne Ternopil" about our fruitful cooperation. We work for the sake of the Country and Victory💪


And we had a trip to Kostyantynivka. They visited the boys and brought the collected food, sleeping bags, socks, dumplings, canned food.
We talked and listened about military adventures and existing problems. We will now try to collect generators for the boys in the forest.
Huge gratitude for regular support and help:
Volodymyr Moseyko and NGO "Cossack-Airborne Swarm"
GO "Ternopil Film Commission", to Volodymyr Khanas and Valentin Molodechkin
GO "Bunker C"
To Lyudmila Petrushko and her Oriflame Ternopil team and to everyone who cheers for us 🙏


Another film about Western Ukraine aid to the Eastern. Now more than ever we feel our unity, our majesty as a nation. We thank each other!


Today our morning started at 5 o'clock. We loaded up in Ternopil and went to the East with help for our people, where they are already waiting for us💛💙


Yesterday we were in Ternopil, despite the rain, it was very cool and we spent time effectively. Thanks to Volodymyr Khanas, we got to know the good deeds of the Evangelical Church on Kvitkovo and the "Veselka" Charitable Foundation. We are infinitely grateful for the invaluable help to our people.


And again, we received feedback from girls with such sweet recipients. Yes, our work is not easy and takes a lot of time, but when we see such photos, we understand that we have to keep working


And again we handed aid to the guys from 90 OMB in the usual direction for us. Mesh, hygiene, raincoats, sanitizers, etc. They defend us, we help them 💛💙



Together with the "Banda Dobra" volunteer team, we were able to help our boys from Mariupol, who defend us as as the part of the 5th separate rifle battalion. We handed over the binoculars from Banda and some of the ammunition from us ☺️💛💙 Now we will try to assemble the same guys for a generator and telescopic butts. If you can help, join, don't be indifferent🙏


Thanks to the Oriflame team from Ternopil and their leader Lyudmila, we already added the necessary hygiene for mothers and babies to our packages today. We are very glad of such cooperation and grateful for the help



We have nice feedback from our moms from the last shipments. Children is our future ❤️ We are glad that we can support them 💛💙


We visited the guys we already know well in Kostyantynivka again with a lot of our humanitarian help. We believe in our defenders and victory 💛💙


We made the address shipments for children. More than 50 applications have been received since the last announcement 😅. Most of it was collected and finally sent today. We are working and processing your requests further 💛💙 By the way, if you know foundations or headquarters, just good people who can help with baby food, hygiene and diapers - contact us 🙏



We have been collecting applications for diapers and baby food for several days. We did not expect that there would be so many requests. In order not to deprive anyone, we have provided the maximum amount of necessary help for babies, today we uploaded a batch of the necessary humanitarian aid, thanks to caring people💛💙 Special thanks to the warm-hearted girl Nataliya ❤️



 Our team works like clockwork. Having the experience of helping Ukraine from the first day of the war, we have learned to support any process: from customs clearance to contractual work and consulting. We have our people everywhere, since there are millions of sincere patriots in Ukraine. Recently, we helped organize the full customs and logistics process of delivering 12 beads to Ukraine for our military. You can see these handsome men in the photo 💛💙



Thanks to joint efforts, we managed to give our countryman a plate carrier, a uniform, tactical gloves and knee pads. We are very happy to help such brave guys 💛💙



Today, many of us are engaged in charity work. For effective work, it is necessary to create, in particular, a public organization. We help other volunteers to create such NGOs and charitable foundations in Ukraine. Today, we do such work in Ukraine PRO BONO. And this is also our contribution to victory! Let's win together!


We provided the necessary clothing, shoes for adults and children, as well as bed linen and towels to the Headquarter of refugees in Khmelnitskiy.



Two of our friends - Denys Shcherbakov and Maksym Demyanuk became patrons and presented us a new car. This wonderful Ford Transit will now serve our organization and implement many of our cool ideas. We will drive from the East of Ukraine to the West to deliver humanitarian aid to our beloved Ukrainians. Thanks to our friends for such help!



Today we were again at Nova Poshta to send parcels for children and defenders. But we did not return home empty-handed, because thanks to our friends from rehab in Alexandria and the kind girl Natalya, we loaded up with a small batch of children's goods at your request 💛💙 Together we are strong and we will win 🙏Thank you all for your help


Already more than 50 fighters across the country have received cool boots from the USA from our organization. Every day we get closer to victory and receive thanks.


We were able to present our compatriot from Mariupol with some necessary things that, we hope, will be able to help him defend our country


 We continue to provide humanitarian aid to people



We continue to make shipments for babies. Baby food, diapers, hygiene really hit the wallet, especially when you are without a home and a job. Even in peacetime, a large share of the family budget always went to the care and feeding of the child. Therefore, we find and then distribute to the girls, upon request, what is necessary for their children.


We started issuing such cool certificates to our volunteers. Now there are more of us and we will be able to help a large number of Ukrainians.



We visited Kostyantynivka with gifts for our boys. They brought a lot of useful and necessary things for their service: medicines, energy drinks, food, bars, goodies, hygiene products and many other things. Infinite gratitude to everyone for their support and help. We thank everybody for joint efforts and that we do such important things for our people and our Ukraine



Under martial law, our legal firm MANIMAMA continues to provide legal advice to mobilized and potentially mobilized individuals. Therefore, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Flip Neo Bistro prepares 800+ complex meals a day for rehabs and resettlers in Dnipro. We handed over products from Ternopil to support their good cause and received this video. Thanks to everyone involved for their help.


Today we delivered and handed over ta lot of necessary aid to the soldiers under our care in Pokrovsk. We brought them food, energy drinks, napkins, branded goodies, and power banks.


We went to Ternopil.✅We visited friends at the "Cossack-Paratrooper Rio" base, where they generously loaded us with the necessary help. ✅We also visited the "Nasha Sila" volunteer center, where they helped us. And Mrs. Natalya, despite a sore back, collected and organized everything for us


We went to Ternopil.
✅We met the girls from the Oriflame company in Ternopil, who with their friendly team wanted to support displaced people and defenders with their products. Special thanks to Lyudmila.


Our team visited Kramatorsk and villages of the Donetsk direction. Finally, we delivered and presented the car to our defenders together with the necessary provisions in the amount of more than a ton, our help immediately went to the front to support our defenders (by the way, many of them are our compatriots from Mariupol). We are grateful to everyone who helped us


We delivered aid for Mariupol volunteers, with whom we cooperate. The aid was brought and shipped to a warehouse in Dnipro. We sent candles to Mariupol and occupied villages, sent clothes for the refugees.


We are delivering medicines, baby food, clothes, linen to people according to their address requests.


With the support of the "Poryatunok derzhavy" from Bukovyna we delivered many cool new and necessary clothes and shoes for our little migrants from Mariupol and the region to the Rehab in Alexandria.



Little by little we receive from you, dear Ukrainians, a shipment for children and our boys. And once again we are convinced that the friendship between the volunteer staffs is invaluable 💛



Finally, we were able to pick up a Nissan Patrol car from Poland, which was donated to our organization by a wonderful man - Mr. Marek. The car will be prepared and will soon be handed over to our defenders.


Joined efforts on children's departures with the humanitarian headquarters. They were given diapers, baby food, porridge, etc. for the children. We believe in fruitful cooperation 💪



We would like to express our special gratitude to us and our soldiers for BreadPack and Yevhen Adintsov for providing hundreds of turnstiles for our defenders to the place where they are so needed. Even at this distance, you are doing a great job for us. Our strength is in the unity 💛💙. Together we will win 🙏💪


It was a difficult trip: 3000 km of a difficult road, a broken bus, our drivers did not sleep for 4 days, delivery to the destination at night. But despite all this, we have a very cool result, because:
1) X-ray is at the destination, it completes the ambulance, which we brought to the guys earlier.
2) the hospital was provided for some time with slippers, detergents, linen, which were collected from all over Ukraine. We did not close the fund raising completely, but thanks to our joint efforts we were able to provide everything we needed. Thanks were sent to all those who took part in the donations, who sent help in Ternopil and the girl Alina from Zaporizhia.
3) food was delivered to the boys, they will be full and strong thanks to Rafael from Dnipro, and the head of Boarding School # 2 in Zaporizhia Bohdan and our Ternopil residents
4) additionally provided with scarce turnstiles: 100 pieces of excellent quality for us bought and transferred from Poland 5) well, of course, hospital drugs that can save or sustain someone's life.


A short report on our last trip to Ternopil. Its main purpose was - mobile, high-precision, shock X-ray. Ideal for field conditions, but which can function properly in a hospital setting. We thank to Yuri Daru and his Charitable Foundation "Believe in yourself" for this incredible device. By the way, the cost of such a device is ablmost 60,000 euros. Every day each of us does a great job: someone is looking for a load for us and hangs on the phone for 16 hours; someone is raising money; someone disassembles the cargo and makes the shipment; someone risks their life and does not sleep for 4-5 days (this is about our Bogdan and Clara, for example). Each of us has our own tasks, our own work and all this work is very valuable, because it helps save hundreds (and maybe thousands) of lives.
And this work would not be worth anything if we did not work together. Because together we are a great FORCE!
We are very grateful to everyone who helps us and contributes:
💛 Yury Daru - for hours of negotiations, overcame kilometers, medicines and such valuable gifts for our people
💛Vladimir Moseik for the soul, the friendly family of the "Cossack Airborne Riya" and hundreds of people fed by them
💛 Natalia Sholomeychuk for the warmth of "Our Power" and the strength they give to our boys, girls and children
💛Vladimir Khanas for the ability to find everyone, everything and everything, to combine everything and help in any situation
💛Andriy Demkiv for great content and ability to lift and convey mood
💛Vladimir Molodechkin and Lubomir Baluk for wisdom, peacekeeping talents and constant positivity
💛Niva football club for a field lunch for 500 people and endless generosity
💛Bogdan and Klara Knyazev even without words ... For risking their lives for the benefit of the nation, for sleepless nights and overcoming thousands of distances, for the care of our defenders
And many more to our important and good friends. Thank you all. From the heart 💛💙


Thanks to your donations, 88 pairs of slippers were bought for the hospital in Kramatorsk. We hope for your further support!



Medicines were collected and handed over to our defenders in the direction of Severodonetsk. Together we will win 💪


Finally, the ambulance, medicine, food and much more were handed over to our boys and girls on the route in the Donetsk direction. A little more about our trip:
👉Medications were taken to Zaporizhia and Dnipro hospitals
👉Delivered food at the post in Kostiantynivka
👉Shivers for soldiers were delivered from their relatives
👉Medics, food for the hospital were delivered to Kramatorsk
👉 Water, hygiene, food and medicine were taken to "zero" in their car
👉We returned to Kramatorsk, stayed overnight with the guys, had a little rest and talked
👉The ambulance and medicine for the medical team of 81 DShB were officially handed over
👉Found another part of the guys from 81DShB 90OMB. They were given products from Ternopil and parcels
👉Delivered food products


Each of our trips is not only a difficult and dangerous road. It is also a difficult quest to find fuel, food, hygiene, equipment, clothing, footwear, etc. For example, today we have the following loading route (because there was an urgent need for advanced food):
1) Ambulance loaded with drugs from Ternopil. Resorted
2) We stopped at boarding school # 2 in Zaporizhia which helped us with food and camouflage nets
3) We just stopped by the beautiful girl Alina, who gave us bread, onions, detergent, tea, pasta. And yesterday I helped to find and buy a spare wheel, a balloon key and an ambulance jack.
3) We drove to the Dnieper to the guy Raphael, who gave us 150 loaves of bread.
Now we move on, to the destination 💛💙
And this is just a tiny fraction of the mileage and action in a few hours, imagine the effort and work we do every day.


Today again made a few departures for our kids. It is very important to support the baby, because they are our future 💛💙


Doctors of the city of Kostiantynivka needed a car to work. We found them an ambulance and are leaving it today.


We send a lot of humanitarian aid to the fighters in the direction of Zaporozhye. There is a lot of delicious food, knee pads, turnstiles, a huge pile of medicines, tactical first aid kits, oil for weapons.


Almost every day we find people who need targeted help. We help both refugees from Mariupol and its superbs, as well as military wives. We receive reports from both our volunteers and grateful Ukrainians. When you start doing good deeds, it is no longer possible to stop.


We have provided the necessary materials and medicines to the dental clinic in Zaporizhia, which treats our military and migrants from Mariupol, Volnovakha, Tokmak and other cities free of charge. Many thanks to such people! Together we will win!


Bandages, plaits, medicines, turnstiles, knee pads - a lot of necessary things and everything is of excellent quality will be sent to our soldiers today.


Our whole team does not stop in our good deeds and tomorrow 60 wives of our soldiers will receive humanitarian aid and cool food packages with targeted delivery throughout Ukraine. Here are cereals, and sausages, and canned food, and other goodies for the families of the defenders. Everything, including delivery to the cities where military families live, is paid for.


MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE” continues to work on helping Ukraine and expanding its range of partners. Today MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE” signed a cooperation agreement with Charity Organization Ukraine. P.F.C.U. Charity Organization Ukraine has been helping orphanages and centers for social and psychological rehabilitation of children since April 2021, but with the beginning of full-scale aggression by the Russian Federation, the foundation expanded its activities to help internally displaced persons and large families. The P.F.C.U. has already helped to accommodate about 500 Ukrainians and receives about 200 applications each day for humanitarian aid from all over Ukraine. MTÜ “I SUPPORT UKRAINE” assists P.F.C.U. process applications so that all people who need help receive it as soon as possible. P.F.C.U. Charity Organization Ukraine, in turn, will help us to direct humanitarian aid to the civilians and military we oversee.
Thanks to our new partner - P.F.C.U.! Together we will win!



We are sending a batch of medicine for our soldiers. This medicine was given to us by other volunteers, and this is a common practice during the war - when charities help each other and share everything there is to have enough for everyone. It is an extraordinary experience of collaboration, mutual assistance and mega-efficiency.


It is very restless today from the very dawn in Kostiantynivka and Kramatorsk. It was very "hot" even today. Massive airstrikes and missiles began. Many people died. In the photo you can see our brave heroes - Clara and Bogdan. And they are going there NOW - to our boys and girls. They go to protect those who protect us, because right now OUR people really need help with medicine, food, equipment and so on. They left at the risk of their lives and despite the fact that it is unknown whether they will find fuel on the way back.



With the team of all our miracle organization I support Ukraine, we recommend to take a look at the wonderful country of the Netherlands for those who managed to enter EU. We have found a partner - a citizen of Ukraine, who can provide a job. Such conditions are offered by the flower company, which currently has already employed 50 Mariupol residents with our help. The company is ready to employ another 60 people.
At the initial stage, this is a very good option for many reasons: The whole process is automated in the company and therefore it is very easy to integrate into the work. Basically, the tasks are to sort flowers and make bouquets. The company is ready to provide the salary starting from 1600 euros per month. There is also the possibility of career growth, where, accordingly, the salary will only increase.

On the picture you can see those happy people, who have already found themselves in the Netherlands and work thanks to our volunteers in a wonderful company.
We are ready to help everyone!


A short report from our trip to Donetsk direction. We delivered medicines necessary for future mothers, food, spare parts and much more. We communicate with many people every day, see many stories and try to support everyone who needs it. Unfortunately, our possibilities are not limitless, you can see in the video what our guys have an urgent need for.


We received a huge batch of drugs from our partners in Uzhgorod and we are starting to deliver them to hospitals in the East and South of Ukraine.


Today food, spare parts for cars were delivered to the soldiers in the direction of Mariupol, fuel coupons were purchased


Already today, our wards began to receive a shipment for their baby. We wish them a peaceful and happy childhood


Today we sent the necessary staff to more than 30 babies (baby food, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, hygiene items). The help was partly bought at our expense, partly provided by people. We pay for delivery services in full, so our wards, migrant mothers, can not worry about anything.


Currently we have started to load a consignment of aid for delivery to Zaporizhia and Donetsk regions. We will send medicines to hospitals at the forefront in the Donetsk direction. Baby food, diapers to send for mothers will be sent to migrants and their children.


Philanthropists from abroad help Ukraine. To make it easier for people, we studied the issue of tax benefits for patrons (individuals and companies) in Poland, the USA, France, Austria, Norway, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Latvia, England, Australia, Estonia. Generosity is encouraged in any good universe.


Today, for the third day, thanks to our friends from Ternopil, we have the opportunity to congratulate with Easter and help our refugees from Mariupol, Volnovakha, Ugledar and many other cities. As we deliver aid per apartment, we see a lot of stories: a father who stayed with his infant because his wife died in Mariupol; a lonely disabled woman who has nowhere to live; a pregnant girl who is expecting her second child one of these days and thank God she got out of hell! Lots of stories! And your support is very important to these people! We urge you to do everything in your power! That's when we WIN!


After our Mariupol residents have been leaving Mariupol which is in fire, and then are coming to russia and experience disasters of filtering and moving around the enemy's country, they successfully cross the border with Estonia and are getting to such a beautiful hotel Inger in Narva. Here they can relax and breathe before leaving for other countries. So far, the experience of Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Iceland and their conditions for accepting Ukrainians have been studied.


Yesterday we managed to transfer food and some equipment to the front line in the Donetsk direction (we do not publish the location on security issues). This is another place on the map where they have forgotten about our defenders, they need almost everything: from hygiene for girl warriors to thermal imagers and night vision devices! Especially the night vision device! No one can provide this important equipment for more than a month. Tight even with shoes, not to mention armor ... But despite all this, their spirit is unbreakable, they stand guard over our dreams and lives.


We bought and paid for a batch of tactful first aid kits from Poland. Delivering them to our soldiers. In the meantime, we have also ordered and are waiting for a batch of cool shoes from the USA - 50 pairs of summer Bellevile berets will be sent by air mail to Warsaw, and will be sent to Ukraine soon.



About 3 tons of humanitarian aid was loaded in Ternopil, which was provided by local NGOs, just good people and patrons. The cargo is going to Zaporizhia, from where it will be sent partly to our defenders and to the occupied settlements for locals and transit refugees.



Sending various military ammunition to our soldiers: 11 body armor 4+ protection class, 2 kivlar German helmets 3 protection class, 1 army trunk, 5 Texar backpacks, 15 tactical goggles, 7 tent cloaks. We are sure that this will help our victory! We support our soldiers.



We took soldiers under our care and began to purchase everything they need to deliver it after, namely: helmets, tactical goggles, backpacks, knee pads, belts combat knives, tactic shirts.

Prepared information on the peculiarities of obtaining special status, the situation with housing and job search in the Balkans: Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro.


Humanitarian aid and clothes were distributed at the Shabelkivka Village Council, Kramatorsk. We have made targeted deliveries to families in need in nearby settlements. Special thanks to the guys who donated their cars and personally delivered the help.


Thanks to our initiative, the deported pеople is leaving the territory of the Russian Federation via Estonia and Latvia from the Russian city of St. Petersburg. We receive requests from at least 50 people each day. First of all, people are sent to Narva and Tallinn, where with our help they receive temporary accommodation in hostels and hotels, as well as tickets for transfers to other EU countries.
We are also looking for funds and assistance in moving them around Russia.

We have already paid 3 invoices worth 4,500 euros!
Hostels in Estonia, where Ukrainian citizens temporarily live:
1. Viva Nord Hostel at Ristiku Poik 8, Põhja-Tallinn, 10612 Tallinn.
Phone: +372 652 7072
Paid EUR 1500.00 on April 4, 2022,
1500.00 EURO - April 14, 2022.

2. Travel Balt at Aleksander Puškini 28, 20307 Narva. Phone: +372 6881100
Paid EUR 1,500.00 - April 11, 2022.


We sent a large pile of medicines to the people of Mariupol, who are in Tokmak. Some medicines are also provided for targeted deliveries in Tokmak and Zaporizhia. Tactical first-aid kits, which had been purchased earlier, were taken to the front line of Zaporizhia.


We told the Estonian newspaper Delfi about how we are rescuing Mariupol residents who came to Russia. Such actions are necessary in order for more people to learn about our activities and help us stop the war. The war is still going on.


We continue to rescue people who were deported to the DPR/RF. Another great story that we are proud of. Already 200 people of our beloved Mariupol residents ended up in Europe. Well done by people who has a Ukrainian heart. Tomorrow we will have a new location - another hostel in Nrava. There, each of our people will be able to come and take a breath. Beloved, we are waiting for you!


We ordered body armor with class 4 plates, in a plate carrier with pouches and a hydrator, OD Green color. Paid for 20 tactical first aid kits. We are also looking for collimator sights, Belleville c320 berets, sand-colored camouflage, coyote-colored plate carriers, quadrocopters, thermal imagers. In the near future, we plan to pay maximum attention to the equipment of our soldiers. The war is still on.


Almost 200 people found themselves in the countries of the European Union thanks to the work of our group in the direction of Mariupol - DNR-Russia-Estonia. When we bring people to Estonia, we face a problem: we can accommodate them for a day or two in a hotel, but to providing further travel is not always simple, because Tallinn is a transshipment point for many people: some of them go to Poland or other countries. There are catastrophically few buses in this direction from the capital of Estonia, and tickets for them are usually sold out. 
Therefore, our priority now is to find and buy at least one bus to transport people on. We are also looking for D-category waters who will agree to drive such a bus and transport people from Estonia to Poland and other destinations.


For the soldiers of the Zaporozhye region provided first aid kits, various medicines, turnstiles at their request.



We take people who were evacuated from Mariupol to Zaporizhia to various self-established centers in Odesa, Dnipro and Oleksandriia. People can stay there for up to 10 days, where we feed them and provide them with everything they need.

In the video, our review of a new reception point for our IDps - the city of Alexandria, Kirovograd region. We will provide everything necessary and we can already resettle people.


Our next project is the successful evacuation of our beloved Mariupol residents who fell into the enemy territory of the Russian Federation to Europe! Thanks to us and our partners - volunteers from Estonia, almost a hundred people forcibly deported from Mariupol to Russia ended up in Tallinn, Riga, Helsinki!
Thanks to our partners from the USA, we managed to pay for 50 nights in a hostel in Tallinn, where we can take dozens of Ukrainian families for the night - before they leave.
Today, we have helped start a new life for several more families, and we will do everything we can to help other Ukrainians find themselves in Europe. We are happy to watch the video - thanks to our happy Mariupol residents, who finally found themselves in a real safety. It's nice to know that we're changing people's lives for the better.


Since the beginning of the war, we have seen a lot of grief. And a new day has brought us tears again. We found out that one of our drivers, who managed to save more than 60 people, has died. On March 26, 2022, Stukalov Grigory Anatolyevich, born in 1984, went to Mariupol for the fourth time to evacuate people. This time, he was also going to pick up his mother and 11-year-old daughter. He never returned from this trip. For almost one week, Grisha did not get in touch, and we still hoped that he would return. But today, on April 3, his car was found in the Central District of the city of Mariupol - fired upon, covered in blood, with the corpses of people in the car.
When one person dies, the world does not stop. But for a minute we should all stop and say thanks to someone who was such a person and such a Ukrainian. We should think of all those who died with him. After all, we love every resident of Ukraine, every Ukrainian, every person. We won't forget them. And we will not forgive the enemy these lives.
If you know Grigory Anatolyevich Stukalov's relatives and close people, please let us know their coordinates. We want to express our condolences to them and help them.


The whole world helps us! Our Romanian colleague volunteers gave us a lot of humanitarian aid for our mothers with children who came to Zaporizhzhya from Mariupol. Today we managed to take all this staff from the Moldova-Ukraine board, brought it to the city of Zaporizhzhya, so that our volunteers could start the delivery and transfer it to our Ukrainian mothers. 



We handed over 6,000 cans of stewed porridge to the representatives of the Mariupol City Council who work with IDPs who are being evacuated to Zaporizhia. They form product packages and everyone gets such a package. Our delicious porridge is granted to our favorite Mariupol residents.


The situation near Mariupol has changed, and currently we can not bring people from Mariupol, the enemy won’t let anyone into the place. Four buses were sent to Mariupol for rescuing people during the previous week - only one bus returned home. Therefore, for the decade of the coming days, we have the following plans:
● To organize the resettlement of evacuated people in Ukraine – as far from he line of the front as possible - to free Zaporizhzhya for the future reception of new Mariupol residents. At the same time, we are ready to provide financial and organizational support for the settlement of people at the fitness center near the Dnipro (accept 100-150 cases), at the sanatorium in Odesa (200 cases). Searching for the alternative places.
● Ready to buy two more buses to bring people in by resettlement points. From Zaporizhzhya to other places. Searching for the transport to purchase.


Many Mariupol residents were evacuated to the dnr and russia. We already have a positive experience of "liberating" our citizens through consultation and support of their trip from russia to European countries. We know the current situation for today, March 29. And we offer you instructions on what to do if you find yourself in russia.


Evacuation is hard. We have four mini-buses in our fleet at the same time. One of them left to Mariupol on 21st of March and still did not come back. We hope the driver had a chance to hide himself in the bomb shelter, cause the battles in the city continue. The other two went to Mariupol on the 25th and 26th of March and have not yet returned. The fourth bus runs for the direct route Tokmak-Zaporizhzhya, Berdyansk - Zaporizhzhya. There, yesterday, they transfered gasoline for private cars and 2,500 cans of our porridge.



Our lawyers have prepared a consultation on the procedure for conducting a medical examination before mobilization.


Medicines for a military unit were sent to Lviv regionIt is cloudy outside and rain is forecast. The guys from the Territorial Defense in Kyiv are ready for this and thank us for the raincoat. Thank you guys!



Ukraine's first NFT museum of war against putin's russia was launched today. Our lawyers directly created the legal model and legal documentation for the project. The issue of the first part of the museum's collection of NFT works contains works by Ukrainian artists. The next issues will include works by artists from around the world.The exhibits can be seen at All works are presented digitally as NFT tokens and can be purchased by anyone. Funds from the sale of the collection will be transferred to the official Ethereum wallet for the Ministry of digital transformation for humanitarian aid for Ukraine.


Today we are delivering humanitarian aid in the cities of Tokmak and Berdyansk. These cities became stations on the road between Mariupol and Zaporozhye. Our drivers and residents of Mariupol can stay in the cities for the night to leave in the morning.



We bought a batch of tactical unloading, our brave defenders are already using them today.

Meanwhile, our lawyers have prepared a material on the procedure for obtaining a special status for Ukrainians in the EU. Ukrainians who have been forced to leave the country since February 24, 2022 have the right to freely enter any EU country, receive housing, work, medical and social protection. You can find more details in our legal research.


Two minibusses are ready to leave for Mariupol from Zaporozhye. The buses are already full of humanitarian aid and are waiting to leave.


With the beginning of the war, the Bebiko Center NGO became a shelter for resettled mothers with children with disabilities. Thanks to the volunteer initiative I support Ukraine, NGOs bought diapers, medicines, food, for other children. In particular we bought medicines for little Mykolay with cerebral palsy, medicines and food for Denys, diapers for other children


We bought two minibusses in Zaporizhia for the money of business and representatives of the cryptocurrency companies. These cars will be used to organize the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol.