On the occasion of Children's Day, the team of the Rivne center "IMariupol" with the financial support of IsupportUkraine helped the Khadzhinov family with many children from Mariupol to update their summer wardrobe.
Mother Tatyana is sincerely grateful for such help:
"It is very nice that in our difficult time there are such people who are always ready to help. Thank you for the timely and much-needed help for our family." Together we give our children goodness, support and good emotions.


On Friday, May 26, our friendly team of the Rivne center "I Mariupol" with the support of I support Ukraine volunteers organized the distribution of food and hygiene kits to the people of Mariupol in Lutsk. During the day, assistance and necessary consultations were provided to nearly 100 residents of Mariupol, 79 of them registered for the first time. We take care of every Mariupol family. Despite the distance and other difficulties - we are always close.


Now our close soldiers, who all come from Mariupol, need help. Everyone needs different items of clothing and protection and that's why we buy new lightweight plates for body armor to move quickly and easily; ballistic protection; quality spring form.


We take care of the old and the young, because we love everyone. These are Ukrainians and each of us is in our hearts.


Delivery of aid for children continues. We love doing good deeds and delighting children with treats from our partners from Great Britain


Thanks to the English Foundation "Serving Humanity In Need" and wonderful heart Mary, we received help for our babies and residents of the frontline cities. Work was done on the distribution, sorting, sending and delivery of such important aid


We bought a laptop for work at the military headquarters. We are proud of Ukraine!


Can you imagine that we baked the pasak ourselves and took it to the military in a hospital in Lviv? We bought apples and vitamins - and voila, our defenders are in a festive mood! Thanks to our volunteer Sasha Prudius! Together to victory!


Thanks to the English Foundation "Serving Humanity In Need", we have medicine to distribute to displaced persons and residents of the frontline areas. It's good that there are caring people who support us.


Our rally with children's consignments continues. They spent a week actively packing and sending another batch for babies, and now we have received reports from grateful mothers. We pack diapers, napkins, baby food, and toys in packages.


This is the batch of help we received from friends from Belgium ☺️
Part of the aid - to meet the needs of children, part of it with medicine, food and trench candles will be given to military and civilians on the front lines


Another batch of children's shipments, little by little we are heading to the closing of existing requests 💛💙


 About 100 shipments to babies and their mothers were sent within 3 days. Humanitarian kits for children is one of the best initiatives of our foundation.



While the warehouse is cold, we are working hard. We started sending the collected packages for babies.


Yesterday we opened the collection of applications for help, we received 400 requests in a day 😅😅😅 We have a lot of work ahead of us. So, if you can help - get involved, because the kids are counting on us 🙏


We organized the purchase and delivery of Starlink to the soldiers near Bakhmut



Medicines, bedding and dressings for our defenders were delivered to one of the regular hospitals of Dnipro.


We came again with help to the guys in Kostyantynivka district. And we handed over what was necessary not only for them, but also for local civilians who are asking for help



We are already making traditional shipments to receive such sweet reports from mothers


Medicines and special applications were handed over to military medics to save the lives of their comrades



Today we visited local volunteers in Khmelnytskyi. Thanks to their curator Ignat, we loaded up with very useful and necessary things and products. Now we are fully ready for a trip to the East 💛💙


Although the cold has come, the work is done all the time.
As we had written earlier, the plans included preparation for trips to the front line and collection of the necessary cargo.
This mission was accomplished. Our little charity trips will soon be waiting for us.


Today we bought a laptop for our compatriot. This man lost his leg during the enemy's invasion of Mariupol, managed to leave the city and move to Rivne. He turned to us and asked for a computer for patriotic educational work - we were happy to help.



We received a shipment from Belgium with children's: diapers, wipes, mixtures. Hanna Osypchuk, our compatriot and the sister of one of the soldiers of the Armed Forces, whom we have been helping for a long time, helped a lot with the collection and organization of the whole process. Such a friendship happened to us, and thanks to it, we will now actively prepare for new addressed shipments.


We delivered big parcel of medicines for the warriors from the 60th brigade in Kostyantynivka. Among them are antiviral, analgesic, adrenaline, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, drops, antipyretic, etc.


We are again sending addressed shipments to mothers and children. Ukrainian babes are receiving food from Europe, and their mothers will get good grocery sets. In this difficult time, we can do a lot for our people. And we will soon win!



This is how it looks like another already installed burzuka for guys from the Armed Forces. The boys are in warm, which means that our souls are also warmer. They protect us - we help them 💪 The guy in the photo, by the way, is another one of our compatriots from Mariupol, who should be proud of 💛💙


Yesterday they started collecting shipments according to address requests, today the first batch has already left. This time with all necessary staff not only for the little babes, but also for their families.
We received a lot of requests. For the most part, the destinations are settlements without humanitarian headquarters. We have the opportunity to pamper our wards a little with high-quality hygiene. And everything else we have to send is the result of the previous month's work and cooperation with good people and funds.


Today, we received a batch of medicines for the militarians for various purposes: antiviral, antibiotics, painkillers and others. They also found a sufficient number of diapers of large sizes, which are currently in short supply. Later, we will distribute everything and deliver according to directions.


Thanks to good friends, they were able to help provide the soldiers from the front line in Kostyantynivka with the medicines, hemostatic drugs and first-aid kits that are needed now


One of the areas of our activity is humanitarian assistance to mothers with children under three years of age. Last week we devoted to the establishment of communications and trips in search of humanitarian aid. We have done a lot of work and as a result we have provided humanitarian kits to many women. A portion of such sweet reports and gratitude from mothers who received our targeted help for their babies. It is impossible to be indifferent when you see such dolls 💛💙


Requests for help come in regularly, even when we don't publish a collection of requests. We try to do everything possible to close such requests. That is why we make regular shipments not only for children, but also for bedridden elderly people who were able to be taken by relatives from the occupation.



A bit of our workflow. This is how we form product sets for further addressed shipment. Soon we will get hygiene and we hope that a decent aid package for the people will come out


We are preparing for a trip to our soldiers. Finally, they will have the long-awaited generators ☺️ In addition to the generators, they also received heaters, underwear, socks, candles and raincoats for the boys. All this is thanks to the unity and support of caring people💛💙



Thanks to friends and new acquaintances, we loaded up with food products that were given to us by СF Your Talisman of Hope. Now there is a lot of sorting work to do and we are extremely excited about.



Thanks to friends and new acquaintances, we loaded up with food products that were given to us by СF Your Talisman of Hope. Now there is a lot of sorting work to do and we are extremely excited about.


Collecting applications and packing shipments for them is already a traditional activity for us. A lot of work remains behind the scenes, but the main thing is that we see the result - your sincere words of gratitude and support for our cause


Today we finally got to know the organizer of the production of plate carriers (very high quality, by the way) and the fashion designer Dmytro Chernega. Dmytro has already repeatedly helped our wards cover the needs of this particular type of ammunition. We are very happy to have the opportunity to finally see each other in person. Well, they didn't let us go empty-handed) They took five plate carriers for the boys to hand over to the front. This is how ordinary people do very big things with small steps.


Also, thanks to the already long and fruitful cooperation for the fighter from Mariupol, we received berets and hygiene "Union of ATO Veterans and Military Volunteers". A little earlier, we helped their wards with summer shoes and equipment, now Pustovoyts help us with winter ones. This is our friendship 💛💙


We received another burgher from Olena from Mariupol, for which she opened a collection. Elena could not resist the charm and gratitude of the boys, so another bourgeois will go to our wards on the front lines of the East.


We made shipments again for the smallest and most beautiful Ukrainians ☺️. In addition, they bought some things upon request, such as a kettle and a thermos for the little ones.


Despite the difficult situation, we are working. This time, our Mariupol volunteers Mykhailo Puryshev and Natalia Goncharova went to Kyiv to join the Help Mariupol team. Who are now actively delivering humanitarian aid to the de-occupied territories. We have something to share - we help each other


Thanks to Olena from Mariupol and her big heart, our boys will be warmed up. Thank you for your trust and cooperation



We repaired drones for front-line fighters at our own expense and bought additional power elements for them. We are proud to have such cool and skilled people in our team.



The guys on the front line were given cool hygiene kits, wet wipes and medicines, which are an urgent need in the autumn period



Sleeping bags were handed over to our boys. We are collecting a new party.



Together with the Union of ATO Veterans and Military Volunteers "Muzhnist" we necessary items of ammunition to our wariors.


Our next weekly trip to Kostyantynivka. We handed over food and hygiene items. It's cool when our defenders please us not only with their feats, but also with their smiles 💛💙



We visited our friends from the NGO "Cossack-Desantny Ryy" again. We worked a little as a friendly team, loaded goodies for the wariors and talked with the journalists of "Suspilne Ternopil" about our fruitful cooperation. We work for the sake of the Country and Victory💪


And we had a trip to Kostyantynivka. They visited the boys and brought the collected food, sleeping bags, socks, dumplings, canned food.
We talked and listened about military adventures and existing problems. We will now try to collect generators for the boys in the forest.
Huge gratitude for regular support and help:
Volodymyr Moseyko and NGO "Cossack-Airborne Swarm"
GO "Ternopil Film Commission", to Volodymyr Khanas and Valentin Molodechkin
GO "Bunker C"
To Lyudmila Petrushko and her Oriflame Ternopil team and to everyone who cheers for us 🙏


Another film about Western Ukraine aid to the Eastern. Now more than ever we feel our unity, our majesty as a nation. We thank each other!


Today our morning started at 5 o'clock. We loaded up in Ternopil and went to the East with help for our people, where they are already waiting for us💛💙


Yesterday we were in Ternopil, despite the rain, it was very cool and we spent time effectively. Thanks to Volodymyr Khanas, we got to know the good deeds of the Evangelical Church on Kvitkovo and the "Veselka" Charitable Foundation. We are infinitely grateful for the invaluable help to our people.


And again, we received feedback from girls with such sweet recipients. Yes, our work is not easy and takes a lot of time, but when we see such photos, we understand that we have to keep working


And again we handed aid to the guys from 90 OMB in the usual direction for us. Mesh, hygiene, raincoats, sanitizers, etc. They defend us, we help them 💛💙



Together with the "Banda Dobra" volunteer team, we were able to help our boys from Mariupol, who defend us as as the part of the 5th separate rifle battalion. We handed over the binoculars from Banda and some of the ammunition from us ☺️💛💙 Now we will try to assemble the same guys for a generator and telescopic butts. If you can help, join, don't be indifferent🙏


Thanks to the Oriflame team from Ternopil and their leader Lyudmila, we already added the necessary hygiene for mothers and babies to our packages today. We are very glad of such cooperation and grateful for the help



We have nice feedback from our moms from the last shipments. Children is our future ❤️ We are glad that we can support them 💛💙


We visited the guys we already know well in Kostyantynivka again with a lot of our humanitarian help. We believe in our defenders and victory 💛💙


We made the address shipments for children. More than 50 applications have been received since the last announcement 😅. Most of it was collected and finally sent today. We are working and processing your requests further 💛💙 By the way, if you know foundations or headquarters, just good people who can help with baby food, hygiene and diapers - contact us 🙏



We have been collecting applications for diapers and baby food for several days. We did not expect that there would be so many requests. In order not to deprive anyone, we have provided the maximum amount of necessary help for babies, today we uploaded a batch of the necessary humanitarian aid, thanks to caring people💛💙 Special thanks to the warm-hearted girl Nataliya ❤️



 Our team works like clockwork. Having the experience of helping Ukraine from the first day of the war, we have learned to support any process: from customs clearance to contractual work and consulting. We have our people everywhere, since there are millions of sincere patriots in Ukraine. Recently, we helped organize the full customs and logistics process of delivering 12 beads to Ukraine for our military. You can see these handsome men in the photo 💛💙



Thanks to joint efforts, we managed to give our countryman a plate carrier, a uniform, tactical gloves and knee pads. We are very happy to help such brave guys 💛💙



Today, many of us are engaged in charity work. For effective work, it is necessary to create, in particular, a public organization. We help other volunteers to create such NGOs and charitable foundations in Ukraine. Today, we do such work in Ukraine PRO BONO. And this is also our contribution to victory! Let's win together!


We provided the necessary clothing, shoes for adults and children, as well as bed linen and towels to the Headquarter of refugees in Khmelnitskiy.



Two of our friends - Denys Shcherbakov and Maksym Demyanuk became patrons and presented us a new car. This wonderful Ford Transit will now serve our organization and implement many of our cool ideas. We will drive from the East of Ukraine to the West to deliver humanitarian aid to our beloved Ukrainians. Thanks to our friends for such help!



Today we were again at Nova Poshta to send parcels for children and defenders. But we did not return home empty-handed, because thanks to our friends from rehab in Alexandria and the kind girl Natalya, we loaded up with a small batch of children's goods at your request 💛💙 Together we are strong and we will win 🙏Thank you all for your help


Already more than 50 fighters across the country have received cool boots from the USA from our organization. Every day we get closer to victory and receive thanks.


We were able to present our compatriot from Mariupol with some necessary things that, we hope, will be able to help him defend our country


 We continue to provide humanitarian aid to people



We continue to make shipments for babies. Baby food, diapers, hygiene really hit the wallet, especially when you are without a home and a job. Even in peacetime, a large share of the family budget always went to the care and feeding of the child. Therefore, we find and then distribute to the girls, upon request, what is necessary for their children.


We started issuing such cool certificates to our volunteers. Now there are more of us and we will be able to help a large number of Ukrainians.



We visited Kostyantynivka with gifts for our boys. They brought a lot of useful and necessary things for their service: medicines, energy drinks, food, bars, goodies, hygiene products and many other things. Infinite gratitude to everyone for their support and help. We thank everybody for joint efforts and that we do such important things for our people and our Ukraine



Under martial law, our legal firm MANIMAMA continues to provide legal advice to mobilized and potentially mobilized individuals. Therefore, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Flip Neo Bistro prepares 800+ complex meals a day for rehabs and resettlers in Dnipro. We handed over products from Ternopil to support their good cause and received this video. Thanks to everyone involved for their help.


Today we delivered and handed over ta lot of necessary aid to the soldiers under our care in Pokrovsk. We brought them food, energy drinks, napkins, branded goodies, and power banks.


We went to Ternopil.✅We visited friends at the "Cossack-Paratrooper Rio" base, where they generously loaded us with the necessary help. ✅We also visited the "Nasha Sila" volunteer center, where they helped us. And Mrs. Natalya, despite a sore back, collected and organized everything for us


We went to Ternopil.
✅We met the girls from the Oriflame company in Ternopil, who with their friendly team wanted to support displaced people and defenders with their products. Special thanks to Lyudmila.


Our team visited Kramatorsk and villages of the Donetsk direction. Finally, we delivered and presented the car to our defenders together with the necessary provisions in the amount of more than a ton, our help immediately went to the front to support our defenders (by the way, many of them are our compatriots from Mariupol). We are grateful to everyone who helped us


We delivered aid for Mariupol volunteers, with whom we cooperate. The aid was brought and shipped to a warehouse in Dnipro. We sent candles to Mariupol and occupied villages, sent clothes for the refugees.


We are delivering medicines, baby food, clothes, linen to people according to their address requests.


With the support of the "Poryatunok derzhavy" from Bukovyna we delivered many cool new and necessary clothes and shoes for our little migrants from Mariupol and the region to the Rehab in Alexandria.